How to Understand Your Buyer? And Succeed in Marketing

You have a product or a service to sell, and you have a target to achieve a sales figure say in this year.

You have tried multiple ways but just unable to move the needle.

Hence just aiming for all buyers you need to focus on the center.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method which helps to attract customers to products and services via branding, content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

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How do you do that?

Yes you need to be a good marketer. Important traits of a good marketer are, he is authentic, open minded and flexible.

How to become a better marketer?

For this you need to meet and interact with many people, not only many people many types of people. Gain more life experiences by travelling meeting new people. This will come with experience.

Who is your buyer?

You have to have this goal in mind before conducting any marketing activities.

Ah, everyone is my buyer.

Oh really if everyone is your buyer then no one is your buyer.

How to define your buyer?

Your aim is to find that one specific type of buyer who will fit in the image of 80% of your buyers. Basically most of your buyers will be of this one type.

You need to connect 1-1 with this type of buyer. The best way to do this is via email because this is 1-1 communication.

For 1-1 communication you need to address them by their name, always write mails like you are talking to your friend. if you notice i have written all my blog posts in first person, like I am addressing to you directly instead of they or them.

Hence you to have in depth knowledge about your customer persona or customer avatar. Now lets look into that.

For this you need to have more interactions, calls and surveys.

An Example of 1st Buyer Persona

I have designed a survey for my beginners course in digital marketing

Name: Rajesh Babu

Industry: Senior Executive

Location: Ahmedabad

An Example of 2nd Buyer Persona

Name: Sumit Shah

Industry: Student

Location: Jaipur

To get the survey filled by my prospective buyer, I have created the below survey form

Like knowing about their age, gender, city and more importantly their frustrations and goals.

Now as you can see above from the two examples, I have two types of buyer persona

Buyer Persona – 1

My first buyer persona is Rajesh Babu whose age is  between 34-45. Earns between 5-15 lakhs per year. He is interested in understanding about digital marketing to add additional source of income.

Buyer Persona – 2

My second buyer persona is a student whose age is between 18-24 whose name is Sumit Shah, he lives in Jaipur. He is an undergraduate and studying college.

There will be many types of buyers but we need to FOCUS on the CENTER an identity the best fit.

Focussed Buyer Persona

For my case I have chosen the 2nd buyer persona, my focussed buyer persona will be a student, who needs all the basics of digital marketing to help him decide if this is best for his future career.

Hence the content i create will be around this one person Sumit.

I hope you found this article useful in understanding the importance of buyer persona.

All the best!

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