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At RT Intellect our social media management agency in India aims to grow your business by increasing your followers, engagement which in turn gets you more website traffic.

How we achieve results?

Develop Awareness about your brand

Growing your followers on social media helps to generate leads with referrals and word of mouth. Our B2B social media marketing helps to get you followers who are engaged and relevant. We make sure that the followers match your ideal customer profile, considering their interests, behaviours and demographics.

Building Relationships

Our team creates content which helps to increase engagement (comments, shares, likes, etc.) on social media posts. Increased engagement will help to build a stronger connection with your connections. Powerful connections with your followers means they are more likely to become your customers and ultimately your brand ambassadors.

Increase conversions from website

Increase in your website traffic will definitely get you more leads and paying customers. Our targeted social media campaigns help to drive loads of traffic to your website. We also use retargeting to focus on your recent website visitors.

What is the process we follow for social media management service?

  • Dedicated Social media manager / Account manager for your Account

Our social media management agency in India assigns a dedicated social media manager / account manager for who will help to develop social media strategy and implement it. The person will understand your business and will be your focal point of contact. You can regularly be in touch with the social media manger or you can schedule a call when required.

  1. Ideate a Social Media Strategy that is focussed on your business

The first thing we do is to research and develop a strategy focussed on your business. We do analysis and develop a ideal customer profile. Also we develop advertising strategies and funnels for your campaign to show you how we plan to make it successful.

  1. Content Calendars and Advertisements

Once we have your agreement on the strategy, we start implementing it. We will develop social media content and advertisements which are exclusive for your brand. We can prepare this as a monthly content calendar, to help you review it and approve it before we post any of the content live.

  1. Optimizing growthOur social media management includes daily management and optimizing posts for maximum growth. Our team keeps track of social media activity like comments, messages and reviews) and respond within 24 hours. Our team makes use of trending relevant hashtags, competitor analysis, contests, etc. to help growth of the channels.
  2. Analytics and Reports

Your dedicated social media manager will prepare monthly reports for review. You can monitor progress of your campaigns 24/7. Our team can schedule meetings as per your convenience, i.e. weekly, biweekly, or monthly to discuss the progress.

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