Are you working from home? Tips and Tools to operate smoothly

Working from Home

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Is working from home your dream? Or is it a nightmare for you.

There could be many reasons due to which you might need to work from home like due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Hope to the below tips and tools will help you during these times and beyond.

Tips – Working from Home

  • Start the day by writing down your top goals

Every morning or the night before that write down your top goals, it could even be just 2 or 3 doesn’t matter. Prioritize on important and not only the urgent ones.

  • Use Pomodoro technique

The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. Learn more . And use this app to keep track of your breaks

  • Know your most productive time of the day

You will need to keep a note of this to know your daily work patterns. Try to get through your most important part of work as soon as you get to work.

  • Set limits with friends and family

You don’t want to get disturbed by your friends or family members when you are sorting out some important work tasks. Hence make sure other things do not creep in while you work.

  • Move around and do some stretching

During every break after 25-30min or few times a day try to do some stretching exercises. This is the best way to avoid backache or neck pain.


Tools/Apps – Working from Home

  • Video Chat App

Some of you might be used to virtual meetings especially if you are from IT industry, but for many others this could be something new.

For meetings and social interaction with your team and working from home, some of the below apps could be useful (Note check with your IT, admin or project manager the one you can use)Video Chat Apps – Zoom, Google Hangouts and  Microsoft Skype for business

  • File Sharing App

To easily share big files as well as store them on the cloud, you can use below services to sync files across devices and share them with your team or your clients.

File sharing Apps – Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One drive and Hightail (formerly YouSendIt)

  • Project Management App

You are probably familiar with excel spreadsheets or Gant Charts for project management.Now since remote working or working from home is the new norm you need to get used to some of the below apps.

Project management apps like Basecamp, Asana and Trello help remote teams to keep in sync with their projects.

These apps not only help with teams, you can even manage your own tasks using by using them.

  • Time management App

You might think this is not useful, but these apps help to keep track of your time.When you work from home, it’s easy to get busy with non work tasks which means your work tasks can suffer.

Keep track of your time to be productive with apps like Google Keep, Todoist or Things

  • Team Collaboration App

Your team members need to interact with each other even if they work from different locations. Apps like Slack, Google Hangouts and Microsoft teams help your team to collaborate on regular basis.


Thank you if you have read this far. Hope you find the above information helpful while working from home and even after that. All the best!



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