Why BuilderAll May Be the Most Exciting Digital Marketing platform of 2019


Are you an Entrepreneur, small business owner who is struggling to manage your online presence, and sales process? Is it too time-consuming to launch your next product online using multiple digital platforms available online? I had been doing this and juggling between many online tools, like website builder, landing page creator, course creator, email marketing

Best Social Media Engagement Techniques for 2018

Do you have Social Media Engagement Techniques or social media presence? Hope you are aware that having a presence only is not enough. It was fine some years back if you were just present on some of the social media channels. Now you need to have a proper strategy in place to get engagement on social media channels, else you are going to lose out on real customers.

Social Media Engagement Techniques:

  1. Create Goal based social media marketing

  2. Focus on your target Social media audience

  3. Analyze your most important social media metrics

  4. Research your competitors on social media

  5. Content is the key to engagement

  6. Always engage with your audience

  7. Measure and keep improving

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