10 Guaranteed ways to skyrocket your Facebook engagement

Facebook engagement

We are all in a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Just when you have started to get the hang of the medium and are getting the nearly-expected results, it releases a new news feed algorithm change. But, does that keep those 1 billion daily active users refrained from posting or sharing content? Do they stop connecting and engaging with their favorite friends and brands on a consistent basis? The answer is a big fat no.

Now with so much activity going on, using this social media to connect with existing as well as potential customers have become a stellar marketing strategy these days. It has become essential to keep an active Facebook engagement page for vying with the other competitors in the online market.  The key to becoming a great online marketer is to be able to adapt to the changes and cater to the demands of these changes.

ways to skyrocket your Facebook engagement

But there is no school for social media marketing. Probably every morning you get up and; lo and behold, there is a shift in the platform you were not prepared for. Those changes, or updates as better called, affects Facebook engagement. The most definite sign of your success in your social media strategy is how responsive your followers are with your content. So, what are the ways to increase engagement on Facebook engagement a breeze to go with?

Or, are there strategies?

It is indeed important to leverage tactics that would not only yield more engagement but also translate potential outcomes into sales and further leads. Online marketing is an evolving market, and it will always change. Getting the best of the existing strategies is what online marketers should aim to get the most of their business. Facebook engagement is now not just a casual chat forum but engages too many business minds. To get the best of the forum, engagement is an essential quotient. Here’s a list of the top ten strategies which guarantee to skyrocket Facebook engagement.

Facebook engagement


1. Don’t post too often

Social media marketers want to connect with followers as regularly as possible but without driving them away. So where lies the perfect balance of sharing and listening? Optimizing the social media schedule is definitely one of the perfect ideas and which is why the stress is always on curated content creation. Online media marketers face the dilemma of striking the perfect balance between informative and annoying.

The more often is the post, the lesser is the quality. In fact, the general rule says that posting once per week is too low to lose connection with your audience while posting more than twice per day leads to annoyance. Also, the Facebook engagement page rank judges the engagement of prior posts, which if have had a lower engagement, hurts the number of future page reach.

It is recommended to have one dynamite post than multiple posts with little response. But here is one caveat, the new algorithm change of Facebook engagement values fresh content highly. This is particularly beneficial for the media companies who can post four to ten times more often than just any other brands and still not lose out on engagement.

2. Probe questions

This is possibly the easiest way to initiate and retain engagement on your posts. Ask your followers and fans to fill up some blank posts or ask to share their opinions. Also, there may be days when you cannot spend hours planning for a curated post. Plugin your content streams by asking some questions. You can also recycle the previous popular posts and get them started. This, in fact, is also a very good idea to find out what your fans like or dislike.

“My favorite Starbucks drink is…” might fetch some of the never-thought-that answers and might catapult your new post idea. Companies can you this to get feedback about services and products; “what do you think about our new logo” might be one such probe. Trivia about something relevant to your page in the form of interrogative formats can bring in potential connections. A simple yes or no question is also a quick way to engage with your audience – “did you like our last video” is one for instance.

3. Use the power of images

Images are a great way to tell stories quickly and effectively. Also, they look good! Here is a catch. While most brands think sharing high-quality and unique images is all that needs to be considered, it should also relate to your brand to stimulate engagement. An image is scintillating enough as a factor to draw the attention of a new lead. Quoting from the previous point mentioned, an image followed by a question “caption this” draws much more Facebook engagement than a five-hundred-word content could.

Also, pay attention to the name and description of the image. Using standalone graphics also creates a significant impact on increased engagement on Facebook engagement. It is a bit different than the images and does not link back to your content like the other images. It could be a part of trial practice to see which post resonates better with your audience.

4. Post organic videos

Recent social media research revealed videos have a mighty 135% greater organic reach than those posting just images. And it’s incredibly high when seen in numbers! The default setting on the Facebook engagement app offers videos to play silently on newsfeed when scrolling down. With the updates and 4G connections, adding videos as social media strategy is a super easy step.

Also, the benefit is bipartite. Facebook engagement prefers organic videos which means you can upload the video directly to it and is ranked better than sharing a video from YouTube, for instance. Social engagement comes automatically. Ideas for videos can be plenty. Whether you explain the flagship product, create some vlog or address your followers’ FAQs, all capture more attention than just a written or image added post. Facebook ad campaigns are the in thing these days.

5. Pin your best post for enhanced visibility

Pinning posts on Facebook engagement helps to bring the post that you want to feature on top of the page. This eventually brings greater visibility and consequentially more viewers to that particular post. Although you can pin a single post at a time, it is ideal for the content that you genuinely want your readers and followers to visit every time they open your page.

However, rather than just pinning any post, make it brand-centric. Explain in an all-capsule video about the features of your brand, post some FAQs, share the latest promotional offers, highlight the recent contest offers, etc. If you have a question at the end, there will be more people reviewing it in the comment section. Pin post works fine for sharing any urgent information.


6. Allocate a little budget – it’s not all free

A little bit of money spent on a Facebook engagement ad can eventually mark a huge difference in terms of social engagement and reach. It is true that not everything on social media is as organic as it used to be and trending with the time, all companies allocate a bit of their marketing budget for the online platform as well.  A large and targeted audience waits in the virtual world, and they cannot be tapped without the social media network.

When it comes to catering to a generated market consistently, consider using Facebook engagement ads. Boosting page ‘likes’ can help and it is now necessary as the post might get lost in all that content-crowd. There is scope to target people with your boosted posts based on locations, age group, interests, and other demographics.

Although there is no penalty on the company pages which do not place pay-for-play ads, Facebook engagement deflates the organic reach of such pages by 20 percent and which can decrease the viral reach by about 45 percent. To supplement this depreciation in reaching Facebook advertising is the only option. Depending on the type and need of the product/service, choose the amount you want to spend on boosting the page.

7. Be precise – no lectures, please!

It’s proved that posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement. Or as they say ‘brevity is the soul of wit’! People tend to remember short and catchy phrases for a longer time. Most visitors, before deciding to move on to the rest of the post read the first few words. So what is the post of only a couple of words? You read that right.

Hashtags are now an integral part of online communications. It turns any word into a searchable link on almost all social media platforms. With a short and catchy write-up, it is possible to turn a small phrase into a popular copy. Also, with small copies, there arise what is better termed “curiosity gap” among the followers. The gap between what is known and what they missed creates a sense of deprivation which prompts to follow the missing information.

They would, thus, keep visiting your page to find out what comes next. Websites such as Upworthy or BuzzFeed used this sense of curiosity. They feed on fundamental human nature. Their headlines are too witty to fall into the trap. Persuasive writing is yet another form that uses powerful words and emotions to convince the opinions. Occasionally humorous posts, funny memes,s or random questions also get a high response rate. Engagements of these forms are critical to getting more fans to see your future posts.


8. Create a Facebook Group

This is one of the finest ways to stay connected to a Facebook engagement community. When organic reach plummeted on Facebook, many users moved on to different social media platforms. However, creating a tribe with like-minded individuals who share the same interest provides an excellent way to stay connected. The best blog and the curated content can be shared on such groups rather than making them public.

Protip: the context of your Group shouldn’t be about you unless you are a brand. There is a plethora of helpful Groups geared towards customer support, general tips, marketing, etc. The essential reason to have a channel or group is to interact and ask questions about your product or services. It is the most organic way to gain feedback about the new product. Highlight the progress and advancement of your company.

Create native content and videos to grow the Facebook Group faster. But, do not work on autopilot as groups need organic resources. It would not help, however, if you keep the group just like the group. Promote it on your website which will help to grow your Group. Data reveals that standard logos in the header attract little attention, but when adding a link on the footer of the group, the results are excellent.

9. Facebook engagement Live

Interestingly, people spend 3 times longer on live video on social media than a pre-recorded one. Facebook Live gained much rage nowadays. Irrespective of small or big businesses, it is an effective tool for “user engagement.” Since the new Facebook engagement Live opportunity expanded from verified company pages to personal profiles, the ideas got heated up almost overnight.

Streaming live content with limitless benefits became the motto of social media specialists. Video is undoubtedly the new king of media, and around 96% of B2B marketing strategies have reported 73% of positive ROI. Engaging newer audiences by making them watch video content on a daily basis is an authentic way to get leads.

It helps to communicate with the real people behind a brand. Spending a couple of minutes in live streaming videos than written content is thus the Holy Grail of online marketing. Make sure to keep a balance in authenticity and transparency. There are plenty of examples of poorly managed Facebook Live stream campaigns. Followers receive a notification when the brand or person goes live…so keep up to the expectation.

10. Time

To stay on top of current events in any industry, it is essential to be timely. Also, on the same thought, it is useful in retaining engagement to know when most of your fans and followers are online. Targeting the bracket of times when the interaction is high can make Facebook engagement reach higher than your competitors.

Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Edgar, etc. might help to schedule the Facebook engagement posts but will give lower reach as Facebook penalizes these third-party apps. It takes away the credibility from such posts than a direct, timely post. For instance, a brand from the US should remember that 65% of the population lives on East Coast Time. For the smaller companies, they can effectively utilize the time when the bigger companies are not online.



One of the biggest mistakes that companies or brands make is to be happy if their business page gets a lot of likes. But there are plenty of tools for optimizing the business which most people don’t even bother to use. Engagement rates are one such option. Most people like a page as they are requested to from a friend or so and not because they like the page. These tips hope to bring you closer to your social media marketing goals and attain better social media engagement than ever.

Facebook engagement rate gives a more accurate picture of what is happening than just the likes. It is decided as the ratio between the numbers of “people talking about this” to the total number of likes. There might be pages with very high numbers of likes; the page might see few interaction rates.

A high engagement rate depicts the greater potential reach of your brand on Facebook engagement. So, when you delve deeper in terms of business, even the biggest names can falter on online marketing strategies. To have the social media campaigns are thriving, the campaigns need to be witty and relatable as well as time to get it across to the thousands of followers.

Facebook engagement

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